IBX is a family office committed to advancing the state of humanity and human knowledge. 

We are passionate about exploring new frontiers in space, technology, and energy to push human potential and make a positive impact in the world.

Our Heritage

Learn how IBX was started, how Ghaffarian’s fascination with space exploration inspired him to move to America, help support NASA, and raise the level of human consciousness.

Our Capabilities

For us to advance the state of humanity and make a difference, we need to be participating in the world’s largest conversations. Explore our capabilities to learn how we tackle today’s biggest problems.



Making a Difference

We believe that anything is possible. Every day we work with Integrity to execute initiatives that help make the world a better place.



Advancing Humanity

In order to advance the state of humanity and human knowledge, it takes Courage. But we believe that human potential is limitless.



Changing the World

We are constantly questioning the status-quo and are committed to investing long-term to inspire the next generation of Innovators.